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Trauma Memoir in Progress

I’m immersed in writing my first trauma memoir focused on maternal emotional and physical abuse with secondary themes of addiction (alcohol and nicotine), estrangement, and forgiveness. This book has been decades in the making. I knew when I was an undergraduate that I would write it one day. That day has arrived.

I have a barebones first draft written that basically describes what happened. Now that I’m in a weekly critique group, I’m revising each chapter, piece by piece, adding in more feelings and reflection and developing characters and dialogue more fully.

The book is written in chronological order, starting at age five and ending at age 50, followed by an epilogue. I research people, places, and things to aid in writing about the long-ago past. Old pictures and information help me travel back in time to engage my memory so I can relive the moments again to recapture the thoughts and feelings. Any insights, revelations, and conclusions from time travel are written down as I try to make sense of my journey.

A path leading into the distance.
My Journey on the Path of Life